About Us


Graphocolor was founded in 1975 and has been associated since then with the products of Hostmann Steinberg which is a subsidiary of The Huber Group.

We are major suppliers to almost all sections of the printing industry including: National daily and weekly newspapers, provincial newspapers, packaging manufacturers serving the food, healthcare and computer industries, continuous stationery printers, book and publication printers, security printers and general printers of all kinds.

In 2007 Graphocolor became a fully fledged subsidiary of The Huber Group and are now enhanced by the backing of a truly worldwide organisation.

Huber Group
The hubergroup is an international holding group of autonomous companies that is focused on the manufacture and sale of printing inks, printing varnishes, damping solution additives, printing auxiliaries.

The combined know-how of a global enterprise and its intensive research and development work serve to ensure that our innovative product line remains technologically at the leading edge, with consistent quality.

No matter where you are, dedicated employees in our corporate subsidiaries and local affiliates in numerous countries take care of your needs personally, quickly and flexibly. Furthermore, over 160 local representatives work to provide direct results, rapid delivery times, and good, dependable service.