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Highest dot definition in heatset even with little isopropanol


REDUFIX-AF is designed for printing for isopropanol reduced on web offset presses with continuous-feed dampening units.

It is known to be the product creating a very stable production run and smooth start-ups on a low waste rate, making it the "money saver" in the pressroom.

Your Benefits

With REDUFIX-AF you are able to eliminate VOC in the fountain solution while receiving even better print quality compared to printing with alcohol. Sharper dots come along with top performance, adding savings on top.

Special Properties

  • Addition: 3%
  • Designed for alcohol reduced and alcohol free printing: 0-5% Isopropanol
  • Prevents roller stripping
  • Protects plates during idle periods
  • Stabilises the pH-value between 5.0 and 5.3
  • Lowers contamination of dampening circuit
  • Meets the requirements concerning corrosion protection

Product Profile

Especially suited to improving print quality and extending the intervals between blanket washes.

General Information

Our fountain solution concentrates are all available in several versions, referring to the water employed for making the mixture. A thorough water analysis is performed in advance to recommendation. Please contact our sales or service personnel for more information.

Technical Informations

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SYSTEM CLEANER is a detergent for cleaning dampening circuits from residues of lint, printing ink and microbial contamination.

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SALINOFIX is an additive for targeted adjustment of the total hardness, to make purified water ideally suited to the offset printing process.