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Gecko Frontal Uni

Universal solvent-based ink for film, paper and aluminium.


Gecko Frontal Uni is a highly universal solvent-based ink series for a broad range of surface printing applications.

This series fulfills demanding requirements, such as deep-freeze resistance or excellent blocking resistance. It also allows to cover a range of shrink applications. That makes Gecko Frontal Uni the perfect choice for reducing the count of ink series with the side benefit of simplifying the ink management.

Printing Processes

  • Rotogravure
  • Flexography

Special Properties

  • Excellent half- and fulltone printability
  • Low solvent retention
  • Excellent adhesion on OPP
  • Very high blocking resistance
  • Good heat seal resistance
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Well suited for deep freeze applications
  • Good resistance to oil, water etc.
  • Good gloss properties

Suited Substrates

  • Paper and board
  • Metallised paper
  • Aluminium
  • PE
  • BOPP
  • Acrylic coated OPP
  • Chem. PET
  • OPA
  • Shrinkable PE, OPP, PET, OPS

Additional Information

Most fastnesses are defined by choice of Gecko Base concentrates due to pigment specific properties. Other physical properties are governed by type of ink series.

Available as ready made inks or from Gecko Base monopigmented concentrate and Gecko Frontal Uni system additive within an ink dispenser formulation.

Technical Informations