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The best drying kinetics


!NKREDIBLE special scale with optimized drying kinetics, fast drying and fast setting, with very high resistance to mechanical stress and for fast running printing machines.

The ideal solution for a wide range of printing substrates, even if it has to be applied to very fast further processing arrives.

Your Benefits

This mineral-oil-free ink series allows very fast finishing on a wide range of substrates and has excellent rub and carboning resistance.

Special Properties

  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Especially suitable for printing on critical papers
  • Fast, oxidative through-drying
  • Optimised carboning behaviour
  • Very fast further processing with high mechanical
  • Very good gloss
  • High fountain solution tolerance
  • Lowest start-up waste
  • Highest stability in production run
  • Color coordinates according to ISO 2846 1 and ISO 12647 2
  • Simple alcohol-free printing in the system with SUBSTIFIX-AF
  • Extremely fast achievement of a stable ink/water balance
  • For a wide range of substrates
  • Not recommended for use on films or other non-absorbent substrates

Ink Profile


Rub resistance:

Dot sharpness:


Postprint finishing:


Fastness Properties

Light Alcohol Solvent Alkali
Yellow 5 + + +
Magenta 5 + + -
Cyan 8 + + +
Black 8 + + +

Technical Informations

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SUBSTIFIX-AF is a dampening additive designed for printing without alcohol on presses with continuous-feed dampening units. It can also be employed when printing on low alcohol dosage.

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The ACRYLAC GLOSS group includes products for single and double-sided coating, providing good gloss while remaining insensitive to rub.

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ALCHEMY is the complete collection from 871 to 877 – silver, gold or even copper shades with premium runability and printability characteristics.