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Most versatile inks meeting high demands


!NKREDIBLE technology printing ink for maximum reliability in the printing process: all-purpose without weaknesses in performance profile.

Ideal series for users not willing to compromise in printability whilst still maintaining highest demands in rub resistance, brilliance, print contrast and suitability for the perfecting process.

Your Benefits

This process colour ink series is very economical by covering the broadest spectrum of applications, minimising wash-ups and press down times.

Special Properties

  • Optimum setting
  • Optimum rub resistance
  • Optimum gloss
  • Optimum performance on perfecting presses
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Highest stability during print run
  • Very low start-up waste
  • Chromaticity coordinates according to ISO 2846‑1 and ISO 12647‑2
  • Easy to handle with IPA-free printing using SUBSTIFIX‑AF
  • Very fast adjustment of a stable ink/water balance

Ink Profile


Rub resistance:

Dot sharpness:


Postprint finishing:


Fastness Properties

Light Alcohol Solvent Alkali
Yellow 5 + + +
Magenta 5 + + -
Cyan 8 + + +
Black 8 + + +

Technical Informations

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COMBIFIX-XL is one reference product for initial press startups ever since it was invented. It is designed for printing with alcohol, employing continuous-feed dampening units.

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SUBSTIFIX-AF is a dampening additive designed for printing without alcohol on presses with continuous-feed dampening units. It can also be employed when printing on low alcohol dosage.

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NewV lac

These UV coatings for use on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates are available for various finishing intentions: from pearlescent or matt/gloss effects, to a plain and simple protective mission.