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Roller cleaning gel for offset presses


LIME-X removes calcium deposits from rollers and should be used on a regular maintenance schedule to keep rollers in perfect shape.

Calcium deposits are usually introduced by paper and can sometimes accumulate pretty fast. Due to their disturbing influence to the ink/water-balance, they should be removed on a regular basis.

Special Properties

  • Keeps roller surfaces receptive to ink
  • Cleans the pores of the roller compound from calcium deposits
  • Prevents undesired accumulation of calcium on rollers, if applied in a weekly maintenance schedule
  • Reestablishes ink/water-balance, once it is disturbed by calcium deposits

Your Benefits

Undisturbed operation during the busy times of the week is best guaranteed when keeping up a proper maintenance plan for the press. Save trouble and money by making use of this reliable maintenance product and proper application instructions.

Product Profile

LIME-X is easy to apply with its sqeeze bottle. All advice should be strictly followed when working with any cleaning agent. Do not use on EPDM roller compounds, mainly employed for UV printing. See the technical information for further instructions.

Technical Informations

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SYSTEM CLEANER is a detergent for cleaning dampening circuits from residues of lint, printing ink and microbial contamination.

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INK Active Drier

INK Active Drier is delivering oxygen when usually there is hardly any available, allowing normal drying times on poor or non-absorbent substrates.

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Many auxiliaries are available for offset inks, coatings, for maintenance of the press and and its peripheral equipment.