"More than just ink": the full extent of our know-how for you


  • Printing inks, overprint coatings and printing auxiliaries

    Expert advice from and ink formulation by our applications engineers help you obtain precisely the hues and shades you want. By helping you to choose the coating best suited to your particular application and to handle auxiliaries as required, we guarantee you produce the best possible results.
  • GMP

    Not only must the printing inks and overprint coatings used fulfil the requirements of GMP (good manufacturing practice), but all materials and work steps employed in the process chain must be GMP-compliant, coordinated, harmonised with one another and networked. Our specialists can advise you on all aspects of this topic.
  • Packaging

    We help you find the optimum solution for your particular application. In order to comply with the latest standards and statutory guidelines, we carry out all necessary laboratory tests on your behalf and help you select the materials and print "your" packaging.

    "Share knowledge – gain competence" – this is the motto of our INK ACADEMY. The academy hosts field-oriented seminars, workshops and training sessions directed by specialists from the theoretical and the practical sides of the graphics industry, but "speciality events", too.
  • Mixing stations

    Installing your very own ink mixing system in your printshop opens up a whole realm of real competitive advantages to you. You fulfil your customers' wishes fast, flexibly and to a high quality standard, irrespective of whether they need process or speciality inks. We will help you set up a mixing station that is matched perfectly to your needs and will also train your employees to use it.  
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!NKREDIBLE technology printing ink for excellent rub resistance. These stay-open printing inks are formulated on the basis of renewable raw materials.

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!NKREDIBLE technology printing inks for maximum gloss and most brilliant colour reproduction. These stay-open printing inks are formulated on the basis of renewable raw materials.

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!NKREDIBLE technology stay-open printing inks for straight printing with fast physical drying properties for immediate work-and-turn and rapid postprint finishing.